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Track and railway line diagnostics systems CF-250D
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Injection DIRETTA
Engine size 8.8 LITERS
N° cylinders 6 IN LINE
Power 242 KW (325 HP) a 2200 g/1'
Specific consumption 224 g/KWh
Engine torque 1340 Nm a 1400 g/1'

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Forward movement system:

with mechanical all-wheel drive, consisting of a POWERSHIFT transmission with 3 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, all electrically controlled and with double output shaft, a torque converter, two differential rail axles, two drive shafts and a gearstick for changing gear.

Rail diagnostics system:

the system proposed is an integrated modular measuring system, installed in the diagnostics rail vehicle. It has the capacity to detect all the parameters characteristic of the rail track. Each module of the integrated system uses optical units, "contactless" technology, based on the principle of triangulation between focused lasers and a high resolution camera.

The configuration of the measuring system includes the following modules:
  • Track Geometry Measuring System
  • Rail Profile and Wear Measuring System
  • Track Undulation Measuring System
  • Running quality
  • Overhead Contact Line Geometry and Wear Measuring System
  • Progressive Mileage Measuring System.
The proposed Measuring System is installed on the chassis of the vehicle.
Maximum detection speed is 80KM/h.

Braking System:

railway type braking system consisting of a Direct Brake (acting on the four wheels), a negative action Parking Brake (acting on the four wheels), an Indirect Automatic Brake and an Emergency Brake. The braking system is in compliance with the EN 14033-1 standard.

Electrical System:

24 Volts - powered by 2 hermetic batteries. Centralized control panel in driving cab.

Driving Cab:

the vehicle has 2 driving cabs, one for each direction These cabs are soundproofed and have all-round visibility and heat-absorbing windows. Dashboard with complete instrument panel including hour counter, tachometer, fuel level indicator, engine oil pressure indicator and all the various warning lights for the main parts of the diesel engine and for the machine functions.


Maximum speed on flat ground 80 Km/h.
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