Vaia Car


Support and advice for railway equipment: supporting you, wherever you are

Original spare parts
VAIA CAR railway equipment and maintenance machinery are built and calibrated with high precision and care.

For this reason only spare parts must be used: a spare part that has not been expressly studied and designed for our machines may not be suitable or reliable and may jeopardize the performance of the railway equipment.

Requesting original spare parts is easy: identify the spare part you need in the catalogue and send us your request by fax or email, specifying the machine serial number.
VAIA CAR staff is always at your disposal to provide support both in Italy and abroad. If you need assistance for our railway equipment, please contact us by phone, fax or email.

In most cases we will be able to suggest the solution in real time. When the problem requires on-site assistance, our technicians will schedule their intervention and reach you everywhere.

Training courses
Especially for customers operating abroad, we can organize use, maintenance and repair courses for our railway equipment anywhere in the world.
"Training courses, original spare parts and assistance
to ensure that our railway equipment
can always give you the utmost in performance."